Safety On Site


The Safety On Site medical team is a group of volunteers dedicated to serving the off-road racing community. Our mission is to make racing safer by providing a high level of immediate medical care to both professional and amateur racers. While our primary focus is race related injury, we are also available for anyone who may need medical assistance at an event. We will accomplish this goal through:


Safety On Site will conduct training for volunteers at each event in order to create a unified team that operates smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to learn from and leverage the strengths of each member of our team.


Safety On Site will act as a patient advocate by communicating with local hospitals and transport services prior to race events. We will gather information on the capabilities of local hospitals and communicate with these facilities on the types of injuries they can expect during events. We will help direct patients to the appropriate facility in order to get the specific care they need. We will advocate with transport services to send their highest trained staff to race events. 


Safety On Site will pre-plan each race event. We will locate potential hazard areas and set up extrication routes. We will work with race organizers to distribute available resources so that riders get care as quickly as possible.


Safety On Site will work to unify communication between transport services, medical volunteers, race teams, and race organizers. This will put as many eyes as possible on the race course to identify downed riders and get them care in a quick and efficient manner.


Safety On Site will provide on-site transport to get injured riders off the race course quickly and efficiently. We will aid in making the decision for immediate transport or triage while always acting as a patient advocate.


Patients that do not require immediate medical transport may be triaged at the medical trailer where they will be provided with the highest level of medical care available depending on current staffing. 


Medical care may include but is not limited to x-ray, stitching, fracture and dislocation reduction, casting, rehydration, and further care recommendation. All care provided by Safety On Site will be conducted by volunteers and there will be no charge for services rendered.


Safety On Site volunteers will be available to aid in transport decisions. They will also be available to accompany patients if volunteers have specific medical training that would aid in better patient outcomes.


Safety On Site only works with a team of volunteers. Our goal is to create a network of medical professionals who are passionate about off-road racing and are willing to volunteer their time and skills to serve the off-road racing community. If you would like to serve on the Saftey On Site medical team please email your credentials and interest to